I’m back!

Hi Everyone


I have enter the Blog challenge for the entire month of October, a blog a day. Let us see how many I can complete?! Who’s going to join the ride?

To all my long-suffering friends and colleagues that have waited for the recipe book, looks like you are going to get a least 6 over the next month in the next 31 blog posts. In tomorrow’s post there will be Creamy Egg Curry and for my meat-eating peeps slow cooked Lamb Curry.

For all those out there whom have never eaten any of my curries, they are mild, really mild. When you feel the pleasure of creation take you and you may have made each recipe to your liking. Remembering to staying in your body while preparing, cooking, adding small things that your body desires in the moment. I have found by cooking in  this way make each dish unique to the moment.  I would love feedback, here or FB or email whichever format takes your fancy.

There are many out there that have experienced my cooking through the Living Soul and Towards the Light residential retreats, over the last 18 years. They may have been aware of or have tasted the variations of the same recipes over time.  I have notice over the last eighteen years that my mood and needs have influenced my cooking and shopping as well as what is in season.  Getting the recipes down on paper was extremely hard. The fluidity of my moods, when cooking, seemed to get blocked when I tried to write each step down and ingredient, taking me away from creativity and into analysis, boring food rather culinary adventures! Eventually the recipes became a collection of several versions. I combine flavours, smells, colour and textures which all come together as  a moment of learning or a piece of mastery, both lead me to experiment with even more gusto!,

For each food or meal post on Facebook or Twitter with descriptions and photos, I have received feedback, that the post are stimulating to my FB and tweeps senses and some are spurred into creating for themselves and this is my goal. Stimulate people to get into the adventure of putting together meals from the garden, the market or shop, to the table. Then taking pleasure in consuming pieces of deliciously created, mood stimulated bites that charge the senses and bring well being and wholeness by being part of an exciting food adventure.

Looking forward to some feedback from the Food Adventurer!

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